Create a Quickstart package - About create quickstart package , there are many way to create it.  But i think, this is a easiest solution ever to create quickstart package. There are easy Step to create Quickstart package :- On your joomla site, install akeeba backup. After install, go to configuration option on akeeba backup. Select Zip file for compression Read More
Some Joomla Tips - About me,I am working on joomla since 2014. and so i find some tips, which are use for mostly during joomla work, so i would like to share to you. which will probably helpful for you. Get menu ID  In joomla: $app = JFactory::getApplication(); $menu = $app->getMenu()->getActive()->id; echo $menu; Database Connection: $db= JFactory::getDBO(); $q= "add Read More
How to apply specific CSS for Specif Browser? - To create a browser specific CSS rule, you need to use a browser specific CSS hack.There are some CSS hacks which you can use for your website, when you need. But for my advice, make your CSS and HTML which are compatible for all browser, this is option when no any other solution. CSS for Read More
How to Redirect page after few second using javascript? - You can easily redirect a page to another url after few seconds delay by using following javascript code. For this solution , Javascript provide setTimeout() function  ,, by this function we can call some javascription function after specific time. setTimeout(function(){ //ADD YOUR CODE }, TIME IN SECOND ); For Example: We have to redirect page Read More
How to change Timezone? - Sometimes we need to convert time from one timezone to another. so best thing is to save the time in UTC/GMT and then convert it back to required timezone by php. E.g If we have to send email to users according to their selected time , then first we will save the user time to Read More
Reason to use Magento for E-commerce Website - If WordPress is the MOST popular CMS,Magento has the distinction of being the MOST popular CMS for e-commerce. Some of the biggest brands including Samsung, Fort, Levono and Nike use Magento and so do millions of companies around the globe. Here Some Reason by read, you can choose magento as eCommerce website. Magento is Open Read More
Reasons to use WordPress for eCommerce - About eCommerce, mainly company are moved their business on online. So main question is which platform we use for develop eCommerce website. There are some reason from my point of view to choose WordPress . hope that will help you to make right decision. Open source Community: WordPress is open-source software, which means you can use Read More
Reason to choose WordPress for your Business Website - All Business owners want to show about their business all over world. and all people want to show their ability to their customer.So all are prefer to develop their website. So this blog is about solution to choose best CMS for your website. As per my suggestion WordPress is best CMS for making company website. Read More
Our Team Develop New Website Effective Profit Solutionseps - Effective Profit Solutions is here to help small business owners get what they desire from owning a business. If you have a trade based business, fashion boutique, kebab shop, it doesn’t matter they can make it work for you! With their accumulated knowledge of small business plus the support & guidance of profit mechanics they Read More